[Webinar - RE-SCHEDULED] Networking Is More Than a Group Chat

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Tue, Oct 17, 2017 @ 10:13 AM


Finding gainful employment after graduation is an important step in a new dentist’s journey into the profession. It is important for dental students to plan their futures and fully understand the different styles of practice that will be available, and steps to identify the opportunity or practice environment best suited for their professional development. Recommendations for timing will be presented in this virtual learning event, as will best practices for networking peers, faculty, industry, online, and even associations.

Whether your goal is to land an associateship job at that great new practice in town, or you’re looking to pursue a career in education or any of the other methods of employment, it all boils down to making those important professional connections that will jumpstart your career. Networking and building your communication skills is the first step to landing a meaningful first job.

Additional topics of exploration within this webinar are:

  • Avoiding a “gap” between graduation and associateship
  • Challenges facing dental students upon graduation (licensure, relocation, debt, etc.)
  • Deciding between associateship, residency, and DSO-supported practice, with emphasis on the ADMI practice model
  • Understanding different practice models through shadowing, observation, and networking
  • Exploring online sources (including dental associations) for opportunities
  • Recommendations for successful interviewing

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