A Few Simple Strategies to Get That Successful Associateship [Webinar]

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Tue, Feb 14, 2017 @ 12:30 PM

An associateship after dental school is a great way to begin practice, and there are more associateship opportunities available today than ever before.

The vast majority of your dental school education is focused on making an accurate diagnosis and implementing an appropriate, evidence-based treatment plan. As you near the end of your time in dental school, however, you will need to tap into skills that are not so measurable when it comes time to score that first associateship. How do you relate to people? How do you sell yourself? How do you get started in the position? And how do you know if this position is right for you?

For many new dentists, associateship is an important step along the journey into the dental profession. It’s a time for building your diagnostic skills, confidence in patient care, enhancing your clinical skills, and for developing an understanding of the business of dentistry.

Recenly, on Thursday, February 23rd, THE NEXTDDS and Dr. Bianca Velayo (Tufts '15) presented a webinar for students to learn more about the above and additional tips and recommendations.

This webinar covered:

  • Interviewing with owner dentists
  • Developing diagnostic and clinical skills as an associate dentist
  • Improving oral health in your patients by providing excellent clinical care
  • Building rapport and communicating effectively with patients


Click the picture above or click here to watch the webinar on Youtube.

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