[Webinar] Three Simple Steps for Managing Student Loan Debt

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Wed, Nov 08, 2017 @ 10:45 AM


One of the biggest concerns from dental students is getting out from under their student loan debt burden when they finish school. Many people already have previous schooling debt from their undergraduate programs and are looking for recommendations. The good news is that there are various resources and best practices available that can make a big difference for virtually every student.

Financial wellness is essential for students transitioning from dental school into the profession. While education loan debt is a fact of life for most new dentists, careful planning enables one to limit risks and to repay or refinance existing school loans. There are important steps students must take now and post-graduation to protect their livelihood and to maximize their future earning potential.

The following subjects will be addressed within this virtual training event:

  • Understanding repayment options (e.g., loan consolidation, refinancing, federal or state-based repayment programs, income-driven repayment plans)
  • Managing debt and compounding interest
  • Pros and cons of loan consolidation
  • The importance of timeliness and documentation
  • Understanding the implications of deferments and forbearances
  • Modeling one’s self on the characteristics of financially independent dentists
  • Pending legislation that may impact borrowers
  • Understanding the ADMI compensation package and its impact on educational debt

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[Webinar] At the Heart of It All - Periodontal Disease & Cardiovascular Disease

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Periodontal disease and heart disease have been linked together in several studies over the years, and investigators continue to debate the exact nature of this relationship. At present, there is consensus among researchers that periodontal disease and cardiovascular (CDV) disease are multifactorial conditions, and such patients share common risk factors that must be monitored and managed by healthcare providers and dental professionals.

While a cause-and-effect relationship has not yet been proven, research has indicated that periodontal disease increases the risk of heart disease. Scientists believe that inflammation caused by periodontal disease may be responsible for the association. Periodontal disease can also exacerbate existing heart conditions.1

In this virtual training event, the learning objectives will focus on current theories explaining the mechanism by which periodontal disease impacts cardiovascular health and present the following:

  • Outline patient demographics and population affected by periodontal disease and CDV
  • Role of inflammation in CDV and pro-inflammatory mediators
  • The relationship between periodontal ligament attachment loss and risk for myocardial infarction
  • Professional treatment (i.e., periodontal therapy) that may be plausible for preventing the onset or delaying the progression of CDV
  • Importance of OHI and managing the patient’s individual risk factors
  • Interacting with other members of the patient’s healthcare team

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  1. Gum Disease and Heart Disease | Accessed August 21, 2017.

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[Webinar] 5 Simple Recommendations to Maintain Your Handpiece

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Fri, Oct 27, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

Powerful-1.jpgDental handpieces have evolved significantly over the years and they remain a vital part of dentistry today. The care and maintenance of these instruments is essential to preserving not only the life of the instrument but its proper function as well. Understanding how to clean and maintain these handpieces and their components properly will help the clinician achieve optimal results.

Since the dental handpiece is vital to daily practice, its care and maintenance is important for preserving long-term function. Practitioners have both air-driven and electric handpieces and, though each is slightly different from the other, certain “best practices” for their maintenance apply to both handpiece options. To provide optimal patient care, it is important for practitioners to understand methods to clean and maintain handpieces and their components. Within this training event, attendees will learn how to evaluate the need for cleaning and proper maintenance steps.

Learning objectives include:

  • How to properly clean and sterilize the handpiece
  • Avoiding common mistakes with handpiece maintenance
  • Proper care for lights and involved components
  • Differences in air turbines and electric options
  • When to send handpieces for repair or replacement

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[Webinar - RE-SCHEDULED] Networking Is More Than a Group Chat

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Tue, Oct 17, 2017 @ 10:13 AM


Finding gainful employment after graduation is an important step in a new dentist’s journey into the profession. It is important for dental students to plan their futures and fully understand the different styles of practice that will be available, and steps to identify the opportunity or practice environment best suited for their professional development. Recommendations for timing will be presented in this virtual learning event, as will best practices for networking peers, faculty, industry, online, and even associations.

Whether your goal is to land an associateship job at that great new practice in town, or you’re looking to pursue a career in education or any of the other methods of employment, it all boils down to making those important professional connections that will jumpstart your career. Networking and building your communication skills is the first step to landing a meaningful first job.

Additional topics of exploration within this webinar are:

  • Avoiding a “gap” between graduation and associateship
  • Challenges facing dental students upon graduation (licensure, relocation, debt, etc.)
  • Deciding between associateship, residency, and DSO-supported practice, with emphasis on the ADMI practice model
  • Understanding different practice models through shadowing, observation, and networking
  • Exploring online sources (including dental associations) for opportunities
  • Recommendations for successful interviewing

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[Webinar] Periodontal Disease, Oral Biofilms and Diabetes – Understanding the Link

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Sat, Oct 14, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

diabetes-check.jpgOver 20 million Americans have diabetes today, and the U.S. Center for Disease Control predicts that nearly 1 in 3 will develop diabetes during their lifetime. This means future dental professionals will be challenged to manage the oral care of individuals—in increasing numbers—who have this disease.

Thus, it is important for clinicians to understand the types of diabetes, the impact of diabetes (the 7th leading cause of death among Americans), the associated risk factors among their patients, and both surgical and non-surgical therapy options for individuals with diabetes.

Emerging research also suggests that the relationship between serious periodontal disease and diabetes is two-way. Not only are people with diabetes more susceptible to serious periodontal disease, but serious periodontal disease may have the potential to affect blood glucose control and contribute to the progression of diabetes. Research suggests that people with diabetes are at higher risk for oral health problems, such as gingivitis and periodontitis.1

The following topics will be covered within this learning event:

  • Extent of the U.S. adult population with diabetes and periodontal disease
  • Understanding insulin production and insulin action
  • Tests and criteria used in diagnosis of diabetes
  • Health issues associated with diabetic patients
  • Exploration of risk factors for individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes
  • Prevention of diabetes complications
  • Managing dental patients who have diabetes

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  1. Diabetes and Oral Health Problems. American Diabetes Association. Published October 10, 2014. Accessed August 21, 2017.


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[Webinar] 3 Keys to Removing Existing Restorations

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Wed, Oct 04, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

bigstock-Woman-Teeth-before-and-after-d-136044017.jpgRestorative dentistry is the study, diagnosis and integrated management of diseases of the oral cavity, the teeth and supporting structures. It includes the rehabilitation of the teeth and the oral cavity to functional, psychological and aesthetic requirements of the individual patient.

In daily clinical practice, dentists often encounter existing restorations that must be replaced during the course of treatment. Materials used for these fixed prosthetics include all-metal (non-precious and those with gold and other alloys), porcelain-fused-to-metal, zirconia, and other all-ceramic solutions. Efficient removal of each type of restoration presents a different challenge chairside, whether for endodontic therapy, prosthetic replacement, or a combination of the two. Carbides are often used for cutting metal crowns; diamond burs for cutting ceramic restorations, and both must be applied with the appropriate instrumentation and technique.

This activity will present guidelines for an efficient approach and address the following:

  • Review of current restorative materials
  • Best practices for preparation technique
  • Visualization and isolation of the treatment site
  • Proper instrumentation for speed and cutting efficiency
  • Importance of rotary selection
  • Improving from “acceptable” to “proficient” chairside

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[Webinar - RE-SCHEDULED] Considering an Associateship? 10 Key Questions You Need Answered

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Mon, Oct 02, 2017 @ 09:24 AM

Lead-Dentist-with-Group.jpgComing out of dental school, many graduates seek advice on how to best approach an associateship and the responsibilities that lie within the position. Despite the confidence that comes from getting your degree, there is still a new world in dentistry to explore: working with a mentor, dealing with more patients, and applying yourself to the everyday hustle of a practice.

Nearly two of three graduating dentists will seek employment after dental school. Dental practices today differ in their geographic location, operational structure, clinical focus, compensation models, and a host of related factors that must be readily understood by dental students approaching their transition into daily practice. This presentation will highlight key questions that must be asked and answered in order for a new dentist to evaluate a potential associateship opportunity.

Topics covered in the virtual training event include:

  • Type of patients treated / procedures performed in the practice
  • Patient allocation/distribution between associate and employer dentists
  • Compensation models and benefits packages
  • Onboarding process for new hires
  • Coverage of professional liability insurance
  • Mentorship and/or training opportunities offered for professional development, particularly emphasizing the onboarding and support afforded by ADMI

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[Webinar] Inflammation and the Oral Health Relationship

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Wed, Sep 20, 2017 @ 01:00 PM

Periodontal-Probe.jpgThe connection between periodontal disease and other diseases in the body has been explored throughout the dental literature over the last several decades. Bacteria present in periodontal disease were once thought to play a cause-and-effect role in systemic disease, yet emerging research has instead attributed this link to inflammation.

As a consequence, dental professionals aim to control inflammation in order to help with the management of other chronic inflammatory conditions (e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke). This will be traced in subsequent events in our upcoming virtual training event series that focuses on periodontal disease and its systemic conditions and relationship to other severe diseases.

Other key topics that will be explored in this webinar include:

  • Etiology and prevalence of periodontal disease
  • The role of biofilms, bacteria, and bacterial byproducts
  • Understanding the body’s inflammatory process
  • Potential pathways (e.g., bacteremia, provocation of an autoimmune response, and aspiration/ingestion of oral contents) affecting oral-systemic health
  • Overview of impact on heart health, respiratory disease, diabetes, stroke, and similar.
  • Clinical management and the importance of oral health instruction (OHI) for the at-risk patient

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[Webinar] The Dental Handpiece and Its Role in Daily Practice

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Tue, Sep 12, 2017 @ 02:00 PM

Create It.jpg

Today’s dental practice could not exist without the dental handpiece. The evolution of the handpiece has fundamentally changed the way clinicians care for their patients, providing an efficient and effective means of tooth preparation. Handpieces exist in both air-driven and electric options, and each has specific features and considerations for use. Air-driven and electric handpieces are slightly different in design, and future practitioners should understand their differences and advantages. This first virtual training event will discuss their characteristics and cutting potential.

Practitioners have both air-driven and electric handpieces and, though each is slightly different from the other, certain “best practices” for their maintenance apply to both handpiece options. Since the dental handpiece is vital to daily practice, its care and maintenance is important for preserving long-term function.

Additional discussion topics include:

  • Major developments in handpiece technology
  • Design of air-driven handpieces
  • Accessibility to intraoral locations
  • Ergonomics of air turbines
  • Cutting operation of air-driven and electric handpieces
  • Introduction to maintenance considerations

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Maximize Your Earning Potential: Paying Off Your Student Loan Debt [Webinar]

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Sat, Feb 25, 2017 @ 02:00 PM

Are you starting to worry about how you're going to pay for your dental school education? One of the biggest concerns that we hear consistently from dental students is getting out from under their debt burden when they finish school.

Many people already have previous schooling debt from their undergraduate programs and are looking for recommendations for reducing the burden of dental student loan debt. The good news is that there are plenty of small adjustments that dental students can make to reassess how they manage their student loan debt.

Financial wellness is an important goal as you transition from dental school into the dental profession. Loan debt can be a strong hindrance, but there are many ways to manage it. You can take certain steps both now and post-graduation to understand your overall credit health and to maximize your earning potential.

In this recent NEXTDDS webinar, students learned many of these key points including:

  • Recommendations for protecting your credit / credit health as a dental student
  • Understanding debt and compounding interest
  • Reviewing available repayment options
  • Differentiating between the “big 3”: educational debt, practice acquisition debt, and home ownership debt


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