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Over the years, THE NEXTDDS has done numerous podcast interviews with students, established dentists, and other dental professionals. Many interviewees have shared thoughts regarding the dental school journey and their mentors. Here are 7 favorite interviews according to readers of THE NEXTDDS.



Dr Mykel Anderson (February 2016)

Dr Mykel Anderson ’17, a graduate of Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, is currently enrolled in an Orthodontics Residency program at Roseman University of Health Sciences. In 2016, as a 3rd-year student, she spoke with THE NEXTDDS about the importance of digital education in dental school, experiences that influenced her to pursue dentistry, and her rewarding outreach trip to South Africa.


Gary Kadi (August 2017)

Gary Kadi is the CEO and founder of The Next Level Practice. In 2017, Mr. Kadi sat down with THE NEXTDDS and discussed his 3-fold perspective of the common challenges most dental students experience, his Treatment-Decision Matrix, and the importance of business and teamwork. His interview was broken into 2 parts. Listen to the second here.


Dr Emma Guzman (April 2016)

Dr Emma Guzman ’17, a graduate of the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine,  is now a Dental Resident at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center. In her 2016 interview, Guzman discussed her first patient experience, her meaningful mission trip to the Dominican Republic, and her unique story of how she first became interested in dentistry.  Listen to the second half of her interview here.


Dr Mai-Ly Duong (April 2017)

Dr Mai-Ly Duong is a general dentist and Assistant Professor at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. Recently, she was listed on the American Dental Association’s 10 Under 10 List for her excellent work in the field. In an interview with THE NEXTDDS, she shared why she strives to make a change in the dental profession.


Dr Nick Letteri (March 2016)

Dr Nick Letteri ’17 is a graduate of LECOM School of Dental Medicine and currently works out of a DSO-supported practice in Tampa Bay, Florida. As a 3rd-year student, he sat down with THE NEXTDDS to express why social media is incredibly important for dental students and professionals alike. He also discussed how attending a mission trip in 8th grade led him to pursue dentistry.


Dr Jeri McCombs (May 2016)

Dr Jeri McCombs ’16 is a graduate of the Chicago College of Dentistry at the University of Illinois. She is currently a practicing dentist at Beaver Dam Dental in Chicago. On the cusp of her graduation, she spoke with THE NEXTDDS about her award-winning presentation of her case study at the American Prosthodontists Annual Session.


Pamela Ibeto (December 2017)

Pamela Ibeto ’19 is approaching her 4th year at Howard University School of Dentistry. After completing her GPR, she plans to open a private practice with her sister. In her interview, Pamela spoke about the importance of shadowing, maintaining good oral health, and her then-upcoming outreach trip to Nigeria. She also shares how she plans to improve the patient experience in a very interesting way.










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The Tree of Peace Installed at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Posted by Christina Ferraro on Thu, Jun 19, 2014 @ 04:13 PM

A symbol of the holistic, of the lush and bountiful, of knowledge, of youth and old age—a tree stands and bends and sheds and buds. It represents the steady strength and unwavering nature of a peace that is integrated among and across a culture. And so, on the school’s 150th anniversary, Harvard University erected on June 16, 2014 a bronze tree to represent the partnership of medical and dental education and its enduring dream of peace in the global community.

describe the image


Pictured: Mr. Steve Kess, Mr. Gerard Meuchner, and Mr. Stanley Bergman of Henry Schein, Inc., artist Ms. Hedva Ser, and Dr. Adam Stabholtz (Former Dean, Hadassah School of Dental Medicine), Dr. Jack Dillenberg (Dean, Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health), Dr. Walter Guralnick, Dr. Bruce Donoff (Dean, Harvard School of Dental Medicine), Dr. Marc Rothman (Chairman, Alpha Omega Foundation), and assembled dignitaries.


Created by sculptor Hedva Ser, the Tree of Peace is dedicated to Dr. Bruce Donoff, Dean and Distinguished Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Dr. Walter C. Guralnick, Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Emeritus. Dr. Donoff and Dr. Guralnick are commemorated in this meaningful manner for their contributions to dentistry and to Harvard University School of Dental Medicine. 

The Tree of Peace installment was made possible by the charitable partnership between the Harvard Dental Alumni Association, Harvard Odontological Society, Alpha Omega Boston Alumni and Student Chapters, Alpha Omega Foundation of the United States and Henry Schein Cares. In addition, the Tree of Peace is the symbol of philanthropy for the Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity. The Tree of Peace is also currently displayed at the Hebrew University’s Hadassah campus and Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, AT Still University in Mesa, Arizona, and Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The partnership between Harvard and Alpha Omega in this initiative to celebrate Dr. Donoff’s and Dr. Guralnick’s dedication and commitment to the dental sciences is just one small part of a greater enterprise of giving. Social responsibility is seen on a larger scale in efforts such as Alpha Omega’s Global Oral Health Initiative (GOHI) and Henry Schein Cares, which advance dental medicine by providing global access to care for at-risk and underserved populations. The installments of the Tree of Peace on these dental campuses should remind their students of the responsibility bestowed upon them as future clinicians and global citizens.

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