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Over the years, THE NEXTDDS has done numerous podcast interviews with students, established dentists, and other dental professionals. Many interviewees have shared thoughts regarding the dental school journey and their mentors. Here are 7 favorite interviews according to readers of THE NEXTDDS.



Dr Mykel Anderson (February 2016)

Dr Mykel Anderson ’17, a graduate of Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, is currently enrolled in an Orthodontics Residency program at Roseman University of Health Sciences. In 2016, as a 3rd-year student, she spoke with THE NEXTDDS about the importance of digital education in dental school, experiences that influenced her to pursue dentistry, and her rewarding outreach trip to South Africa.


Gary Kadi (August 2017)

Gary Kadi is the CEO and founder of The Next Level Practice. In 2017, Mr. Kadi sat down with THE NEXTDDS and discussed his 3-fold perspective of the common challenges most dental students experience, his Treatment-Decision Matrix, and the importance of business and teamwork. His interview was broken into 2 parts. Listen to the second here.


Dr Emma Guzman (April 2016)

Dr Emma Guzman ’17, a graduate of the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine,  is now a Dental Resident at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center. In her 2016 interview, Guzman discussed her first patient experience, her meaningful mission trip to the Dominican Republic, and her unique story of how she first became interested in dentistry.  Listen to the second half of her interview here.


Dr Mai-Ly Duong (April 2017)

Dr Mai-Ly Duong is a general dentist and Assistant Professor at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. Recently, she was listed on the American Dental Association’s 10 Under 10 List for her excellent work in the field. In an interview with THE NEXTDDS, she shared why she strives to make a change in the dental profession.


Dr Nick Letteri (March 2016)

Dr Nick Letteri ’17 is a graduate of LECOM School of Dental Medicine and currently works out of a DSO-supported practice in Tampa Bay, Florida. As a 3rd-year student, he sat down with THE NEXTDDS to express why social media is incredibly important for dental students and professionals alike. He also discussed how attending a mission trip in 8th grade led him to pursue dentistry.


Dr Jeri McCombs (May 2016)

Dr Jeri McCombs ’16 is a graduate of the Chicago College of Dentistry at the University of Illinois. She is currently a practicing dentist at Beaver Dam Dental in Chicago. On the cusp of her graduation, she spoke with THE NEXTDDS about her award-winning presentation of her case study at the American Prosthodontists Annual Session.


Pamela Ibeto (December 2017)

Pamela Ibeto ’19 is approaching her 4th year at Howard University School of Dentistry. After completing her GPR, she plans to open a private practice with her sister. In her interview, Pamela spoke about the importance of shadowing, maintaining good oral health, and her then-upcoming outreach trip to Nigeria. She also shares how she plans to improve the patient experience in a very interesting way.










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Making Connections: Networking in Dental School and Beyond

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networking-young-successful.pngYou might not realize it now, but the friends you make and the faculty that you interact with on a daily basis while in dental school can become lifelong working partners once you graduate. Ever since you’ve made that first connection, you’ve been networking. Your peers might remember you when they see an associateship that’s right for you, or maybe your faculty and alumni might turn into a good mentorship opportunity. No matter how these relationships organically grow once you are out of school, it all begins with building them during those four years.

Actively pursuing networking opportunities might not be something on your priority list. It can sometimes be awkward, unappealing, and not to mention a time-consuming venture. However, it takes more than excellent clinical skills and passing your exams to advance your career. You need to make those connections in order to be vocal about your interests and career goals, and go to events (lunch-and-learns, ASDA, vendor fairs, etc.) that offer these networking or recruiting opportunities.

Your First Contact

If you are passionate about dentistry (i.e., what sets you apart?) and engage with your equally passionate peers, you’re already working on making connections. Many times, dental students think sales pitches, business cards, and hijacking conversations to get in a word are part of the game, but it’s much easier than that. Being an active listener and asking the easy questions that get you into a conversation will fare better for you. Just make sure to follow up at the end of the conversation if you missed anything you wanted to mention, or have any questions for the person to whom you’re talking.

Think of the Person, Not the Position

Being genuine and authentic in your approach to these relationships will also make connecting easier, building trust and seeing what you can do to help the other person and vice versa. Think of these connections in terms of the people involved, and not the potential positions or opportunities that may present themselves at a later date. Find the person’s desires and concerns, and see if you can be of any assistance. Give yourself to your peer before you ask in return. Overall, leave your personal agenda to the wayside, and instead be open, honest, and friendly to everyone with whom you meet.

Build Your Own Network

In addition, don’t dismiss anyone that you meet as unimportant, or that won’t be a connection once you advance in your career. You never know who’ll be valuable, or if someone else you know might need that person’s specific skills and expertise. Once you start to connect the dots with these connections, you’ll soon realize that you’ve created a nest of connections that are all available to one another. Become the center of your network: organize and host meet-ups, social outings, and other events that might bring these different people together.


Your network should be in place for when you need it, both for job searching and for moving along the career ladder. Since you never know when you might need it, it makes sense to have an active career network even while you are still in dental school. Networking can help you become a better dentist and having a viable network in place during dental school will pay its dividends. Use this network to your advantage when taking the next step in your life.

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[Webinar - RE-SCHEDULED] Networking Is More Than a Group Chat

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Finding gainful employment after graduation is an important step in a new dentist’s journey into the profession. It is important for dental students to plan their futures and fully understand the different styles of practice that will be available, and steps to identify the opportunity or practice environment best suited for their professional development. Recommendations for timing will be presented in this virtual learning event, as will best practices for networking peers, faculty, industry, online, and even associations.

Whether your goal is to land an associateship job at that great new practice in town, or you’re looking to pursue a career in education or any of the other methods of employment, it all boils down to making those important professional connections that will jumpstart your career. Networking and building your communication skills is the first step to landing a meaningful first job.

Additional topics of exploration within this webinar are:

  • Avoiding a “gap” between graduation and associateship
  • Challenges facing dental students upon graduation (licensure, relocation, debt, etc.)
  • Deciding between associateship, residency, and DSO-supported practice, with emphasis on the ADMI practice model
  • Understanding different practice models through shadowing, observation, and networking
  • Exploring online sources (including dental associations) for opportunities
  • Recommendations for successful interviewing

Watch & Listen Now

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4 Advantages to Using the Online Dental Student Groups through THE NEXTDDS

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One of the useful features of THE NEXTDDS is its Groups page created to enhance the user experience and connectivity. These groups allow you to connect with peers in your dental school or organization. Outlined below are features of THE NEXTDDS Groups that enrolled students can access right from their Profile pages. 



When you enroll in THE NEXTDDS, you are placed in your university’s or organization’s group page. From your Profile page, you can join or leave groups and invite your peers to your groups.


This message board can be used by only group members or THE NEXTDDS Administrator. Members can post important information about classes, campus events, meetings, and just about anything else they want to quickly communicate to all other group members.


Each group calendar is populated with the details from the school’s academic calendar (test dates, fundraising events, school holidays, etc.) as well as other events of interest in the dental community.


Each member has the opportunity to display his or her name, school and contact information on the group page, as well as a profile picture. These options (that a student can decline for privacy) are helpful for networking should a member choose to feature that information.

Access Your School Group

Groups provide you with many benefits and an instant connection with the enrolled dental student population. If you’re interested in serving as the Administrator for your dental school group or would like to form a group focused on your interests, you are welcome to contact us at Your peers, classmates and connections could be just a click away.

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