THE NEXTDDS Magazine Fall 2015 Issue is Online!

Posted by Christina Ferraro on Thu, Oct 01, 2015 @ 11:00 AM

Fall_CoverYour Fall 2015 issue of THE NEXTDDS | Magazine is now available online! Among these pages you’ll find articles that discuss clinical procedures and how you as a practitioner will play a major role in the overall health awareness of your patient. Even more so, though, you’ll find pieces that focus on finding balance and inspiration, on contributing to oral health in your community and globally, and finding your niche as you transition from a curious dental student to an instrument-wielding professional.

A big part of the future of dentistry is interprofessional practice (as we explore in our feature article), beginning with your familiarity of other specialties and healthcare fields through interprofessional education. Learning from other practitioners in your area of expertise as well as other specialties or medical fields will benefit not only you as a well-rounded care-provider, but your patients as well. They will get the best quality healthcare when all of their providers are interconnected and can make recommendations to suit their health holistically.

In addition to being a practitioner who supports the overall health of his or her patients, you should try to promote your own well-being with exercise and time management, as the Magazine goes into in its Associateship and Finance features. By managing your time with patients and scheduling your workdays in advance, you can find a half hour here or there to show yourself some attention through some form of exercise, even if it means doing sit-ups or lifting light weights between appointments.

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Part of being a dental professional is understanding your impact and the ability you have to spread awareness of oral health issues and how they relate to the health of the whole person. Whether you prefer to remain local or want to take your knowledge around the globe, there are unlimited ways in which you can offer dental care and education to the underserved. Whether you pursue charitable efforts locally (such as the students mentioned in our article on Cupcake Wars at West Virginia University) or you want to see the world with dental chair in tow, your education and your skills are meant to be shared.

We hope the articles in this issue are interesting and helpful to you. THE NEXTDDS | Magazine is developed with you in mind, so if you have any experiences or feedback to share, please write to us at Whether you’re working on a research project you think would be of interest to fellow students or have requests for future article topics, we’re eager to hear from you!

We encourage you to visit and enjoy the autumn as you study to become the next great dentist!

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