3 Ways to Recharge on Your Day Off

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girl-stretching-working-out-resize.jpgGiven the density of your dental school schedule, it might seem like you never have a day off. Free time is sparse, and when you do schedule a few moments for yourself, you definitely want it to be both productive and relaxing. But how do you make the most of it?

Here’s three things to do on your off day to recharge your batteries!


Haven’t had the time to go food shopping or clean your apartment? Do them on your off day! Get to these chores early in the morning to get them out of the way and free up the rest of your day to relax, study, or go to an event. As time permits, you might even combine two of these and study through one of THE NEXTDDS webinars. Scheduling chores ahead of time as well can be a good way to work on your time management skills. Amidst very busy weeks, errands are an unwelcome but necessary aspect of life, so checking them off your list as early as possible will help free up your day to more important tasks.

Make a Quiet Space

Try to create a day for yourself free from distractions and noise. While being on the phone or playing video games might sound like a good day off, chances are you’ll probably feel crummy wasting the day away with electronics. Relax, meditate, or just otherwise make sure that you’re in a clear state of mind. Reading, meditating, crafting, or just going on a nature walk will help put you in a good mood to tackle the rest of the day and ready for more dentistry.

Work Out

Sometimes, all you need is a quick boost to reenergize yourself for the coming days in the classroom or clinic. Exercising or working out are good ways to reboot your physical self, while also refreshing your mental state. Sticking to a workout routine can really help maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can also read or listen to podcasts (Stress and Burnout in Dental Education) while working out, in case you need to study as well! If you are unable to attend a gym, try going for a walk and otherwise being active to clear you mind, body, and soul.


With a little planning and some energy, one will no doubt be able to formulate a successful day off. Time is so valuable to dental students, and being able to put that time to good use is so important. Juggling studies with a personal and social life is no easy task, so be sure to manage your time wisely!


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