10 Things You May Not Know About THE NEXTDDS

Posted by John Papa on Fri, Nov 15, 2013 @ 09:58 AM

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  1. THE NEXTDDS is Completely Free for Dental Students.

Validating your identity as a U.S. dental student permits you free enrollment and free access to all the resources of THE NEXTDDS.  You have no fees to join our expanding community of dental students, and incur no monthly charges of any kind.  Interested in joining THE NEXTDDS as an international dental student?  Send us an email ( so we can determine how we may be able to assist.


  1. THE NEXTDDS is Built EXCLUSIVELY for Dental Students.

From our glossary of dental terms to our podcasts with your fellow students—certainly the soon-to-be-launched Testing tool—contents on THE NEXTDDS are developed specifically for dental students and residents.  Our mission is to support your critical thinking, comprehension, and competency in concepts relevant to your classroom training and patient care.


  1. Content Features on THE NEXTDDS are Reviewed for Accuracy and Quality Prior to Posting.

Before it is posted to THE NEXTDDS, each article, instructional tutorial, blog, diagram, series of clinical photos, etc. is reviewed by subject matter experts—our Academic Advisory Board members.  This review process ensures the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, and overall quality of every feature posted for your review and reference.


  1. Students Can Easily Mark Content “Favorites” and Share Content.

Adding videos, articles, cases, podcasts, or other content to your personal “Favorites” menu, or even sharing content with your classmates (i.e., via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) is as simple as one click of a button. Favorites are easily accessible from your profile, and all content can be quickly shared with a peer, study group, social network, or any other enrolled member of THE NEXTDDS. Favorites can also be quickly recalled when studying for your Finals, NBDE I, NBDE II, or Licensure exams.


  1. THE NEXTDDS is Launching a New Testing Tool.

Currently in beta testing, THE NEXTDDS will soon unveil a unique testing feature that will allow you to study for your NBDE I, NBDE II, and Licensure exams in a an engaging, easily accessible online format. Use random question banks of matching, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, and essay questions, along with videos, diagrams/illustrations, didactic images, timing tools, and instant feedback/grading features to prepare for your exams like never before.


  1. THE NEXTDDS Groups are Based on Dental Schools and Organizations.

Upon enrollment in THE NEXTDDS, you are automatically placed in your dental school’s social group. All group pages feature a school calendar of events, message board, and group-wide document sharing, and allow you to easily connect with all of your classmates on THE NEXTDDS. You can also join groups built for dental organizations (AO, HDA, etc) that help you network and engage with like-minded peers and fellow organization members.


  1. Users Control Their Personal Privacy Settings in THE NEXTDDS.

User privacy is important to THE NEXTDDS. For this reason, all of your personal privacy settings are completely customizable, and you can set exactly what information others will see when they view your profile. To change your settings, simply click the “My Settings” button at the top of any page on THE NEXTDDS, then click “Privacy Settings” and adjust to your desired specifications.


  1. Members of THE NEXTDDS Have Access to Online Learning Events and Webinars.

THE NEXTDDS offers its members access to exclusive webinars, streams, and online learning events in the dental space. Stay abreast of important web-based events and opportunities that will aid in your dental education. Important dental news, as well announcements from the industry's leading associations and organizations, are distributed to members through eNewsletters, Facebook, and Twitter throughout the year.


  1. Exclusive Offers Are Available to Enrolled Members of THE NEXTDDS.

Enrolled members of THE NEXTDDS are also eligible to participate in activities that help measure users’ interests and needs during their time readying for a career in dentistry. We use such feedback in planning future content, tools, and new ideas for the website, and provide special “exclusives” as a way of showing our gratitude for your time.


  1. We’re Interested in Spreading Awareness of THE NEXTDDS and its Instructional Goals.

As you plan the next lunch-and-learn, vendor fair, webinar, or social activity for your chapter or classmates, know that THE NEXTDDS is interested in participating too. Attending dental student events is a valuable way for us to make new acquaintances, share our educational goals with dental students and faculty members, and spread awareness of this free resource. Simply follow this link to our Sponsorship Page to share pertinent information that we’ll use in planning our activity calendar for the coming year.

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