Getting Over the Holiday Slump: Finishing the Year Off Strong

Posted by THE NEXTDDS on Sat, Nov 19, 2016 @ 10:45 AM

holiday.jpgIt might be hard to believe that it’s November, and 2016 is coming to an end. As time catches up to us, it comes as no surprise that, in one’s professional life, things can be left at the wayside. It can be addicting to get caught up reflecting on the year instead of moving forward and finishing on a high note. Take every chance to make 2016 a truly successful year, both personally and professionally. With the holidays and other major events coming in full swing, it can be easy to rest on your laurels. However, you’ve been going strong up until this point in your dental career; don’t take a step back in your journey to becoming a dentist. Both schooling and the profession itself demands so much of a student’s time, so it’s very important to keep the rhythm going.

Don’t allow laziness to become a habit; there’s no time to waste! Here are some tips on continuing to be productive this winter:

Limit the Holiday Distractions

Of course, it’s easy to have the holiday festivities: the breaks, the shopping, and the themed-parties, be a major distraction heading into the winter season. It can feel overwhelming handling the stress of both school and the holidays, so make sure to get the shopping done, and don’t go crazy with your celebrations. There’s still finals and other exams to study for, so don’t let the holiday season completely take over the end of the year. School should come first!

Focus on What You’ve Forgotten

Now’s the time to pick up the slack. Have there been things you’ve been unfortunately putting off, and want to get done before the year is over? It’s okay to find yourself in a laid-back mood during this time, but don’t let it interfere with your work. If you feel like you’ve been slipping when it comes to finishing your tasks, step up and fight the urge to fall back. If you’re having trouble during the holiday season, take a look at readjusting your time management skills.

Envisioning 2017

Start making a plan for the new year. You might have some personal New Year’s Resolutions on your mind, but what about your professional goals? If you’ve been slumping at the end of the year and will not be able to accomplish those final goals, start looking ahead to the next year. Plan ahead instead of lackadaisically stumbling into January and February without a clear head to how you’ll tackle the new year. Make a list and start the process early.

The new year is almost here, and with that comes a new set of responsibilities for your dental career. If you feel like your year hasn’t been the best it could be, there’s still time in the final two months of 2016 to turn things around! Getting over the holiday hump can be challenging, but once you prioritize and rethink how you will approach this final time and plan for the new year, you’ll be in a good place to look back on your year with a sense of achievement.

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