8 Benefits of Digital Scanning

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digital-dentistry-1.jpgDr. Perry Jones (DDS, MAGD, Professor of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry) was gracious enough to present to us a webinar on the Benefits of Digital Scanning. Digital dentistry is a new trend that is revolutionizing the way that dentists practice. It's a new, important aspect of dentistry for dental students as they will soon become the innovators in the inevitable transition to digital. We’ve compiled a summary of each of the eight benefits presented by Dr. Jones about digital intraoral scanning and the digital workflow for you, THE NEXTDDS community.

Benefit 1: Efficiency and Restorative Options

Digital scanning eliminates the mess and inaccuracy of traditional impression making, leading to patient comfort and a better experience overall. Not only is it more cost effective, eliminating the need for things such as shipping and mixing tips and trays, but it’s accuracy opens up a wide range of advanced restorative options.

Benefit 2: Accurate Models

Accurate, snap-fit milling models produced through a digital impression eliminate die wobble or soft-tissue cut away, which allows the clinician to select any dental laboratory with no change in workflow.

Benefit 3: Stable and Flexible

Metal articulators provide easy stability and insertion or removal as opposed to plastic. Thus, these articulators are more flexible and precise.

Benefit 4: Wide Range of Options

Digital intraoral scanning enables dentists and laboratory technicians to select from numerous restorative materials and produce the full range of prosthetic restorations.


Benefit 5: Enhanced Workflow

Modeless restorations and workflow cuts down on costs for production and delivery time for both ceramic and zirconium restorations.

Benefit 6: In-Office Method Allows Timesaving

The in-office style of these milling options is a timesaver, with crowns being able to be made in just an hour.

Benefit 7: Reusable and Sturdy

Proprietary urethane models produced through this digital impression process will not break and can be archived and reused many times, as opposed to stone models.

Benefit 8: Work with Aligners

Scanning is now being used for clear aligner orthodontics, which allows for a better doctor-patient relationship, quicker turnaround time, and aligners that fit better.


Digital scanning offers a wide variety of convenient options for current and future dentists, and soon will become the future of dentistry. We thank Dr. Perry Jones again for his informative presentation, allowing students to catch a glimpse of the technology that they’ll be handling for years to come. If you would like to hear Dr. Jones go into more detail on each benefit to digital scanning, check out the following podcasts:

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