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sa-blogs.jpgWe are close to three months into 2017, and THE NEXTDDS has shared a variety of new resources with its dental student user community. From successful webinar series that captivated dental students from across the country, to live learning events in Baltimore, Michigan, and Chicago. THE NEXTDDS has presented learning opportunities in multiple formats. It's part of our commitment to providing sound instructional tools and resources for dental students in the topics and formats they value most.

THE NEXTDDS Student Ambassadors participate in this mission as well, sharing these resources with their peers across the country and posting their own learnings from the classroom and clinic. Student Ambassador contributions on THE NEXTDDS have touched on topics related to patient care to personal stories about outreach programs and how to prepare for key milestones in the journey toward graduation. Want to learn more about THE NEXTDDS Student Ambassador Program? Click the button at the bottom of this list to get started.

In the meantime, here are the top five most popular Student Ambassador blogs of 2017 thus far:

  1. Preparing for the NBDE I

Back in December, University of Washington School of Dentistry Student Ambassador Nicole Antol took the NBDE Part 1, a challenge every student certainly recognizes! In her contribution, Nicole goes over several ways in which her school prepares students for this daunting time of year, as well as ways that she herself prepared for the exam.

  1. My First Extraction

The first time a dental student performs an extraction can certainly be a nerve-wracking experience. Luckily, University of Connecticut School of Dentistry Ambassador Paul Dyrkacz stayed focused, and outlined step-by-step how he approached his patient in the clinic. What did he learn from the procedure? Click the link to read more.

  1. sa-blogs-2.jpgHow Dental School Curricula is Misunderstood in the Health Profession

When you talk with friends and peers outside of the dental profession about what you learn in school, do they ever ask, “Why do dentists even need to know that?” University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston Student Ambassador Raven Deneice Grant encountered this question one too many times, and wrote this inspired piece about how misunderstood the dental curriculum is compared to other areas of healthcare. The next time you get that question, show them Raven’s blog!

  1. Board Studying Strategies

Continuing on the topic of the NBDE Part 1, Andrew Bertagna, THE NEXTDDS Student Ambassador at the University of Chicago at Illinois College of Dentistry, runs down several of his key study tools to ensure that you ace the exam. From taking practice exams, to assessing your strengths and weaknesses, Andrew covers solid ground and implores readers to question their study habits and methods to better prepare for these major exams.

  1. Learning a Skill as a Dental Student

The most-read Student Ambassador blog of the year so far was submitted by Matthew Mannella, THE NEXTDDS Student Ambassador at Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine. Matthew explains how, despite the massive time-consuming toll that dental school takes on students, there is still time in the day to take up a new hobby, study a new language, or, indeed, learn a new skill. For Matthew, this challenge came in the form of picking up the bass guitar upon starting dental school. He soon found that working with your hands—plucking at the strings and hitting those notes—allowing his hand skills and dexterity to improve over time. What new talent have you picked up during dental school? Click the link and comment below to let us know!


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