5 Questions You Should and Shouldn't Ask During Your Associate Interview

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bigstock-Young-Girl-Gives-Her-Cv-edited.jpgThe unpredictability and nuances of interviews can be, without a doubt, stressful and hard to master. It takes practice to easily handle everything that an interview can bring, from being properly dressed, to being on the ready for what questions you’ll be expected to answer by employer dentists. The first impression you make in your interview is as important or even more important than elaborating on your experience and describing how well it fits with the practice owner.

Practice owners are always aware of your presence, cadence, and conviction during an interview, so it’s important to remain confident, kind, and reasonable. Here are the correct questions to ask (and not ask) during an interview:

Five Questions You SHOULD Ask:

What is the practice culture like? – Asking what kind of culture is fostered in a practice will both widen the grasp of where you fit in, while also letting the practice owner know how serious you are about the position offered.

Who is your ideal candidate? – Understanding his or her vision enables you to later explain how you are the perfect choice for the practice, allowing the practice owner to really be confident in choosing you.

What are the growth opportunities associated with this position? – The practice owner will more than likely want to have you in a position that has plenty of growth opportunities, so let him or her know that you are ready for that challenge right away.

What would you like to see me accomplish in the next 30/60/90 days? – The practice owner will know that you are ready to get to work right away, knowing what is expected of you from day 1, and how you can make the practice flourish.

How do you see the practice growing in the future? – Applying your skills to the areas that the practice needs most will allow you to be an integral part of its continued success.

Five Questions You Should NOT Ask:

Tell me about the practice? – A question that might signal to the practice owner that you haven’t researched the practice and done your homework will certainly be a turn-off.

What is the salary/benefits? – You don’t want to be too forward with asking about money or benefits, as most times it will be negotiated at the end of the interview.

What is your background? – It’s okay to get some clarification as to the practice owner’s experience in the practice, but don’t focus the interview on your potential employer, who is here to learn more about you.

What can you say about criticisms of the practice? – Coming off as critical of the practice is not a good move, especially when you haven’t even secured the job yet.

Would you like to see my references? – Practice owners will usually see your references after the interview when they are almost ready to hire you, so posing the question too early can reek of coming off too eager, or worse, desperate.

During interviews, sometimes you might feel like you’re walking on a tightrope. You most definitely want to present yourself in a professional and orderly way, but you don’t want to come across as desperate, flustered, or otherwise ill-prepared to take on the role for which you are auditioning. What do I say? you might be asking yourself. Well, if you do plenty of research beforehand, do a mock interview with a colleague or in the mirror, and jot down notes of some anecdotes you can get into with the practice owner, you will have no problem getting that job or associateship, and be on your way to growing in a practice!



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